Armin Haas is a German composer of music for films and video games.

His repertoire ranges from orchestral compositions to sentimental piano pieces and from many kinds of ethnic music to the hard sounds of rock music and Heavy Metal.


His musical career - like that of many others - started at an age of six years when he learnt to play the recorder.

Later he began to learn classical and electrical guitar and the basics of piano.


At last, at the age of 15, he discovered his passion for film music through the trilogy 'The Lord of the Rings'.

This discovery was decisive for his further career as a professional musician.

Aged 21 he began to study musical pedagogy at the university of Bamberg, with the classical and the electrical guitar as his instruments of choice.

At the 2010 Hollywood workshop in Vienna he received additional instructions from known Hollywood composers, like Bruce Broughton.

Armin has composed the music of various films and games. His first big project was the feature film 'Feuchte Frösche', starring ex-jungle camp star Rocco Stark among others.

After finishing his studies in 2013, Armin joined "Dynamedion" as composer, which is Europe's biggest and most known company regarding game music.


Until 2016 he has written music for games like Mortal Kombat X, the Total War Series and Anno 2205. Furthermore he worked as composer for TV series like Coupled (FOX), The Celebtrity Apprentice (with Arnold Schwarzenegger) and some German productions on RTL and ZDF. Besides you can find many trailers with his music and a lot of other worldwide projects.