One Man Orchestra 20/04/2020


Hey friends! Here is my little contribution to the quarantine.


Stay healthy!

Total War: Troy - Announce Trailer  30/09/2019


A new journey begins in the Total War series. Enjoy to travel back in the day of the great greeks!

Writing ancient greek music paired with modern orchestral music is a new and fantastic experience.


Thanks to Noiseworks, Dynamedion and Creative Assembly for the cooperation again!

Total War: Three Kingdoms -Eight Princes  20/07/2019


Here is the next 3K trailer. This time it is a orchesttral/hybrid/pop mix. It was a great experience to write music in this style and work together with such great singers.


Thanks to Noiseworks, Dynamedion and Creative Assembly for the project!

Tropico 6  30/05/2019


Es mi dia primero (as Homer Simpson once said)...composing Latin music - And it was a great experience! Working together with Latin, big band and jazz musicians was awesome for what I am very thankful!


Thanks to Dynamedion and Kalypso Media for making me part of this great game!

Total War: Three Kingdoms - Launch  16/05/2019


Finally, after composing almost ten trailers for Total War: 3K, the game has been released. It was a big pleasure to have been part of the team for this game and I am looking forward to the next one!


Thanks to Noiseworks, Dynamedion and Creative Assembly for the project!

Hitman 2 08/03/2019


Here comes the next one. Another fighting game, but this time with firearms instead of arms and legs ;).

I have composed some music for the new Hitman.


As always thanks to Dynamedion for the agency!

Mortal Kombat 11  30/02/2019


The next Mortal Kombat is released! It was great to compose a big part of of ingame music together with my Dynamedion fellow and friend Matthias Wolf for this gigantic game series.

Anno 1800 20/02/2019


I am very happy that to have been part of the Dynamedion composer team for the brand new Anno. After already composing music for the last part of the series (Anno 2205) with a futuristic sound it was great to take a step back to a more historical sound again.

Total War: Three Kingdoms - Dong Zhuo Reveal Trailer  11/02/2019


And here we go with another 3K trailer. This time we recorded a big Choir and a solo singer in Shanghai. In the second half the track is carried by a Cello. Composition and recording was quite a new experience for me, but only new experiences can bring you forward :).


Thanks to Noiseworks, Dynamedion and Creative Assembly for the project!

Total War: Three Kingdoms - A hero's journey Trailer 15/01/2019

We travel to the great world of the ancient China, again. Feel free to check out the new 3K trailer, featuring a Guzheng which was recorded in Shanghai. This time the music focuses on the beautiful landscape shots in a more documentary way, enjoy it!


Thanks to Noiseworks, Dynamedion and Creative Assembly for the project!

Total War: WARHAMMER 2 - Curse of the Vampire Coast Trailer 15/10/2018



Arrrr!!! This time we set sails to endless realms. It was a great experience to compose some Pirate music with a Shanty. The amazing thing about this trailer was the enormous feedback of the Total War fanbase on Youtube. Hundreds of posts and likes asked for the music, that’s why Creative Assembly uploaded the music track which has more than 400.000 klicks meanwhile. Thanks for all the great comments about my work!



As always thanks to Dynamedion, Noiseworks and Creative Assembly!

Native Instruments: Middle East 09/08/2018

Hey folks, feel free to check out the new Native Instruments library “Middle East” which my track was chosen for as the official demo track.


Thanks to Dynamedion and Native Instruments!

Total War: Rome 2 - Rise of the Republic Trailer 19/07/2018



This time I could compose a tribute to one of my favorite films and composers “Gladiator” by Hans Zimmer.


Thanks for this opportunity to Noiseworks and Dynamedion!

Total War: Three Kingdoms - Cao Cao Trailer 19/06/2018